First Round Match Times
For Full Draws –

DrawPlayer 1DateTime
Men’s State GradeNathan Turnbull [1]Sat 09:00
Jake BohannonSat 09:00
Keelan Birch Fri19:00
William SladeFri19:00
Jordan TillSat 09:00
Jonathan MurdockSat 09:00
Fenwick SnowdonFri18:30
Jacob Ford [4]Fri18:30
Jason van der Walt [3]Sat 09:00
Nicholas GreenlandSat 09:00
Peter RoseFri19:30
Aidan RowstonFri19:30
Mark KirsteinFri20:00
James SladeFri20:00
Matthew RoganSat 09:00
Caleb Johnson [2]Sat 09:00
Men’s A Grade
Loic ProuinSat 09:00
Raymond VasukinausoriSat 09:00
Bevin SturmSat 09:30
John ClerkeSat 09:30
Will GeddesSat 09:30
John Sambrook [4]Sat 09:30
Daniel ClarkSat 09:30
Ben Miller [3]Sat 09:30
David  WigleySat 09:30
Jawad  MazharSat 09:30
Matthew PetersonSat 09:30
Lachlan  WalmsleySat 09:30
Andrew Hunt [1]Sat 11:30
Zach Hilfstein [2]Sat 12:00
Men’s B Grade
Joshua Walmsley Sat 10:00
Drew Woodhouse Sat 10:00
James Boswell Sat 10:00
Caleb BosshardSat 10:00
Max Aitken Sat 10:30
Grant Gough Sat 10:30
Paul Ivanoff Sat 10:30
Sebastian  Williams Sat 10:30
Paul Herring [1]Sat 15:00
Ashley West [4]Sat 15:00
Barry Ford [3]Sat 15:00
Jake Markwart [2]Sat 15:00
Men’s C Grade
Dave Street [1]Fri19:00
Daniel StewartFri19:00
Scott MahoneyFri18:30
Peter GraceFri19:30
Warren HutchingsFri19:30
Chris McPhillipsFri20:00
Wal Gray [2]Fri20:00
Men’s D GradeDavid Runciman [1]Sat 11:00
Finn MillerSat 11:00
Jacob Plumbe [4]Sat 11:00
Matt TenersonSat 11:00
Isaac Murphy [3]Sat 11:00
Wyatt BrainSat 11:00
Dylan WigleySat 11:00
Graeme Andrews [2]Sat 11:00
Women’s B/C GradeMadison Nargar [1]Sat10:30
Stacey Wilson [8]Sat10:30
Kristy O’ConnorSat11:00
HAYAN KIM [4]Sat11:00
Jacqui GardnerSat10:30
Karreen Watt [3]Sat10:30
Emily HydeSat10:30
Ellie Thornhill [2]Sat10:30
Women’s D GradeMelissa JalaudinSat09:00
Eden PoulavaSat09:00
Emily NargarSat11:00
Jada PoulavaSat14:00
Junior Division 1Sebastian  WilliamsFri18:30
Joshua WalmsleyFri18:30
Lachlan  WalmsleySat 11:30
Max AitkenFri18:30
James BoswellFri18:30
Junior Division 2Jacob PlumbeFri17:00
Madison NargarSat 10:00
Isaac MurphyFri17:00
Ellie ThornhillSat 13:00
Junior Division 3Dylan WigleySat 12:30
Jada PoulavaSat 12:30
Emily NargarSat 12:30
Riyo  KawabataSat 12:00
Eden Poulava [2]Fri17:00
Jet  Lacquiere Sat 12:30
Wyatt BrainSat 12:00
Finn MillerFri17:00
Junior Division 4Bodhi WrattenFri16:30
Jaida  WigleyFri16:30
James CserepanyiFri16:30
April TideyFri16:30
Max CserepanyiFri16:30
Dylan  HannafordFri16:30
Abbey  Boswell Fri16:30
Cleo PoulavaFri16:30
Junior Division 5Eden PageSat 09:30
Eleanor Gibson Sat 09:30
Jillian Gibson Sat 09:30
Armaan AtwalSat 09:30
Luca prouinSat 12:00

Rex Hedrick returns to defend title

In the lead up the 2022 Costa North Coast Open we caught up with Rex Hedrick, two time Australian National Champion and defending champion of the North Coast Open.

Rex Now 33 years old he finds himself as one of the older players in the PSA draw. Playing since he was quite young with his dad, Rex stated that he was never a top junior but was competitive and that was enough for him to stick with it and he went pro during his time at University.

” My favourite player while I was growing up was Ramy Ashour, we played in the same World Juniors when we were younger and I remember how good he was and how much of an impact he was about to, and did make on the PSA World Tour. “

Rex has had success in 2022 winning 3 tournaments North Coast Open Coffs Harbour, Australian Nationals & The Victorian Open

“I was lucky enough to win my second consecutive Australian Nationals a couple of months ago in Darwin. I was about to retire from all tournaments at the end of 2019 but the covid lockdowns gave me a bit of a chance to reset, get some training in, get the body right and now I feel like I’m in a good space where I can maintain a good level of squash and play the tournaments that I want to play.”

“I like playing at Coffs, I played the event over 10 years ago and became friends with my billets (Paul and Rachael Herring ) and they are always so welcoming to have me back and make me feel at home. Secondly, it’s the middle of winter in Melbourne and I am looking forward to coming up north to get some sun and play in some warmer conditions!
It’s always been a well run tournament with plenty of support from the local squash community who appreciate the matches and they provide a great atmosphere to play in front of.
Rex will start his campaign on Wednesday at 7:30pm against Robin Gadola from Switzerland

Entries are now open the Costa North Coast Open 2022
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