Email Address

Want your own Email Address?

To request a email address, please complete the form below. Each email address costs only $55 per annum including GST. If you buy two at the one time, you pay only $99.

You may also wish to have your web site hosted on the server. Only web sites for businesses or community groups in Coffs are accepted. You can specify your preferred address e.g. Hosting on the server costs $99 per annum including GST.

Please pay the money to Peter Mitchell at Dynamic Web Solutions. Peter will establish the account immediately and receipt your payment.

Note that a second email address is NOT another account with a Internet Service Provider – it is simply another mail box to check when you are on-line. This means that you do not alter any of your ISP’s internet or email connection settings, you just add an email account in your existing email software. Please read our terms & conditions document for more information.

Benefits of a Email Address

  1. Many people value their email address as it allows them to move from ISP to ISP without having to notify everybody in their address book that they have a new email address at a new ISP.
  2. There are many different names still available and people find their email address to be short and easy to remember. eg. or
  3. Like Hotmail you can check your email address anywhere using the or web sites.

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