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Beaches, sun, surf and bananas

Coffs Harbour is a seaside town on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. Coffs is directly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and is home to around 70,000 people. It boasts a relaxed and friendly lifestyle, dominated by the beach, sun and the great outdoors. The town is cradled between a high mountain backdrop and the golden sands of numerous unspoiled beaches. Lush, tropical vegetation is found in gardens and adjoining bushlands.

According to the CSIRO, it is considered to have the most livable climate in Australia, due in part to the moderating influence of the sea on high and low temperatures. Coffs Harbour is accessed by the Pacific Highway that presently bisects the town, the Coffs Harbour Regional Airport and Country Link Trains.

Coffs Harbour has an active cafe and restaurant scene, partly invigorated by recent renovations to the heart of the town. Additionally, big changes are planned for the Jetty and Marina areas, making these spaces more accessible. Retail in Coffs Harbour is limited at this time and sadly is dominated by statewide or nationwide franchise brands. However more boutique styled retailing is making an entrance, and this, coupled with the vibrant cafe/restaurant scene, should make Coffs Harbour a formidable competitor to Byron Bay.

Coffs Harbour has three points of activity: the original CBD, the Jetty Strip and Park Beach Plaza/Homebase. The original town centre has recently been renovated to remove a 70’s style pedestrian mall and replace it with a shared pedestrian-low speed car zone. Large sails and lights were added providing shade and security. Outdoor cafes have proliferated and the malls building facades greatly improved.

The “Jetty Strip” is the night life centre of Coffs Harbour. Many restaurants and cafes have collocated in this 300 metre strip a short distance from the jetty itself. There is a very wide variety of foods and dining styles available. Park Beach Plaza is enclosed mall-style retail. Shoppers park their cars in massive, unshaded air car parks that surround the complex and shop in air conditioning some what removed from the natural environment.

Coffs Harbour has industrial zones on the south and north sides of the city. These zones are home to many small manufactures, white goods discounters, freight and distribution firms.

Directly South of Coffs Harbour is the seaside village of Sawtell. This small heritage town is a popular summer holiday spot. It has cafes, a RSL Club, pub and cinema on either side of a boulevard of giant fig trees. South West of Coffs 37kms is the small valley town of Bellingen with it busy social, arts and cultural events.

  • Located 510 km north of Sydney and 427 km south of Brisbane
  • Transportation by air, bus, rail, road and sea
  • Subtropical with warm to very warm wet summers and cool to mild dry winters… more>>
  • Estimated current population of the LGA 62,906 (ABS 2001b)
  • Population projected at 80,014 by the year 2016 (Coffs Harbour City Council, 1996)
  • Estimated growth rate per year 2%
  • 26,004 current ratepayers
  • Covers an area of 960 km2
  • 43% of the City area is under State Forest and 2% National Park
  • Covers 51 km of coastline, including 21 beaches
  • Major industries include: tourism, primary production, manufacturing, government, commercial and retail services. In recent years the banana growing industry has declined. deregulation of the dairy industry has also impacted heavily.
  • Wikipedia’s entry on Coffs Harbour

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